SkyData Technologies

Reimagining Agriculture and the Global Food Chain

For Farmers & For Consumers

Imagine our world where...

... every farmer has a chance to earn a consistent profit and where every consumer knows where their food came from and if it is good for them and the planet.

... farmers don't just farm for today's needs, but have the means to invest in increasing the value of their farmland so their children and grandchildren can sustainably and profitably feed future generations.

... we can all participate in responsible agriculture to reverse pollution of our air, the degradation of our soils and pollution of water resources

Join SkyData in realizing that world. Welcome to the future!

For Growers

Active DeRisking

With services including:

Reducing seasonal risk with frequent monitoring of all crops & fields, and identification of and specific treatment suggestions for all problems found.

Web- and mobile app-based tools to modernize farming and production operations.

Real time access to global markets.

All free to any farmer in the world.

Competitive, purchase contract-backed, multi-year agricultural operating loans.

For Consumers

Forward Traceability

Know where your food comes from and how it was grown; trace it from seed to store.

Research and record the calories and nutrient values of the food you buy and eat.

Use SkyData resources to monitor the environmental signature and human development impact of the specific foods you eat and of the entire global food industry.

Support local producers while exploring the tastes of the global food chain

For the Planet

Reversing Pollution

Reducing chemicals in agricultural production and lowering their harmful residues in the food we eat and the environment we live in.

Reversing chemical-caused soil degradation to avert long-term threats to global agricultural production.

Reverse the rapid pollution of most of the world's fresh water.

Mitigating any potential risk to the food chain by possible climate change threats.

Supporting rural development globally.